Proposed Changes to 253 Bus Service

Update 10th May 2018
Borders busses response

The Above response has been received from Borders buses. Please direct any further comments you’d like to be included in the community council’s reply through the Cockburnspath Facebook page:

Proposed new timetable

The attached is a proposed schedule change to the 253 Bus service. There is quite a reduction in services, with Monday to Friday being two hourly, and a huge change to Sunday services, plus Sat service being quite reduced, so it’s important that we try to get as many views from local people as possible.  The closing date for comments is 2nd May, but a delay has been requested to Scottish Borders Council (who are collating responses for the bus company) for a stay of execution until 9/10th May to allow this to be discussed at the Community Council meeting in May.

Draft response 2nd May 2018

The attached is a draft response to be submitted by the community council after collating feedback.

draft response to service 253 changes

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