Update on Changes to 253 Bus Route

Changes to the 253 timetable  mean that if you want to travel by bus to Coldingham, you will now need to catch the 253 service to Eyemouth and await a connection (service 235) from Eyemouth to Coldingham and vice versa to return as the 253 no longer stops at Coldingham. This was discussed at length at a meeting with John Lamont MP, Community Councils of Coldingham, Cockburnspath and St. Abbs.

The more people who use the services the better the chance of retaining them. Unfortunately  it’s a use it or lose it situation.


Proposed Changes to 253 Bus Service

Update 10th May 2018
Borders busses response

The Above response has been received from Borders buses. Please direct any further comments you’d like to be included in the community council’s reply through the Cockburnspath Facebook page:


Proposed new timetable

The attached is a proposed schedule change to the 253 Bus service. There is quite a reduction in services, with Monday to Friday being two hourly, and a huge change to Sunday services, plus Sat service being quite reduced, so it’s important that we try to get as many views from local people as possible.  The closing date for comments is 2nd May, but a delay has been requested to Scottish Borders Council (who are collating responses for the bus company) for a stay of execution until 9/10th May to allow this to be discussed at the Community Council meeting in May.

Draft response 2nd May 2018

The attached is a draft response to be submitted by the community council after collating feedback.

draft response to service 253 changes

Citizen’s Advice Bureau – Volunteers required

Roxburgh & Berwickshire Citizens Advice Bureau offers a unique opportunity for interested people to become volunteers.  We offer quality training on a whole range of subjects that will help you help others in the community.  The work is rewarding and satisfying plus you get full support and the chance to be part of a team.  We are currently recruiting volunteers to become generalist advisers in the Eyemouth office, so if you have 6h/p/w to spare and want to a new challenge then please get in touch with Annette on 018907 50500.
Alternatively if you have less spare time on your hands but still want to help we are always looking for people to join our board of directors.  Whether you are an experienced chair or treasurer we would love to hear from you.  You can email enquiries@roxburghcab.casonline.org.uk with your note of interest and Fiona will get in touch.

CAB vol poster

Superfast Broadband

Do you get frustrated by our local broadband speed? Unable to download films or use the internet during periods of high demand? Unable to use your smart TV, phones etc at the same time?

If the answer is yes, then please visit the Digital Scotland’s website, using the link below and register your postcode to be kept up to date with progress: http://www.superfastscotland.com/in-the-loop

Come along to Community Council meetings for updates.

We want your photos!

What is Cockburnspath & Cove to you? We are looking for your beautiful, stunning photos to showcase across our new website. If you have pictures you can send to us, we will publish them across our website.

We want to showcase the area in its natural beauty – the place, culture and community. Please send them to the Cockburnspath & Cove Facebook page privately. They must be your own and not subject to copyright. If people feature in your pictures, please ensure they have approved the photos to be shared.

Kids in the Car? Don’t Risk It

A driver under the age of 20 is killed or seriously injured on Scotland’s roads every week. Every time you drive with your children, you’re giving them a lesson which could save their lives when they become drivers. Kids in the Car is a ground-breaking campaign encouraging parents to be aware of the impact their driving behaviour has on even the youngest children. View the campaign: http://dontriskit.info/kids-in-the-car/view-the-campaign/


Don’t Risk It – Country Roads

Around 52% of road deaths in Scotland happen on country roads, and loss of control is the most common cause. Last year alone 649 people were killed or seriously injured whilst driving on country roads. Over two thirds of them were male.

This campaign aims to show that you never know what’s round the corner when travelling on a country road, and driving at an appropriate speed gives you more time to react.


Find more information on the Don’t Risk it website: http://dontriskit.info/country-roads/view-the-campaign/